No Sympathy for Sydal

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It has recently emerged that the Wrestler who goes by the name “Matt Sydal” missed a flight to Glasgow, and subsequently failed to show up for an annual event “No Blood No Sympathy”  Local Wrestling promotion BCW (British Championship Wrestling) had felt there was no other option, but to go public with recent events which caused Sydal to miss the promotions 2 day annual event.

@BCWofficial Wrote – “So gets a deposit for a booking then misses his flight and now thinks he should keep the deposit ??  Saying i can use it towards bringing him in next year. Im not interested so give me my $1200 back and stop being a thief to a genuine honest promoter”

Owner Graham McKay, stated in a comment to a twitter user “The emails have been going back and forward for 3 days so yes that was tried and failed and being told straight i’m not getting my $1200 because he has spent it”. After no joy with neither the agent (Bill Behrens) or Sydal, Mr McKay had little or no choice to take it public.

BCW released the following emails from Sydal and Agent.

“Dude. A deposit is a deposit. It’s so that you can announce and promote me and sell tickets, which you did. I made every effort reasonable to make the show. I let you know as soon as there was an issue and I never intended to make your life so challenging. I don’t have $ to buy myself a ticket. I tried to work with British Airways but they were no help and neither were you. I would have loved to make the shows and collect my pay days. But you get to keep those. I would apply the deposit towards another show which is what reasonable people do. Which is what happens when this happens. Instead you choose to unprofessionally over react. When you are unreasonable no one wants to work with you. All you had to say is Matt Sydal won’t make the show but he’ll be at our next events, and you would get the benefit of using me to sell tix to all the shows. You wouldn’t need to give me a deposit since
You already did and I HAD offered to help with the flight even though I don’t have to. I’m trying to do right by you but you aren’t making it easy.”

Which was swiftly followed up by

“I don’t have the deposit money. You should be a professional and use it towards a future show. Which is the policy everyone else in wrestling would do. And I offered to help with he flight because I felt BAD not because I am obligated to.”

Soon after, Mr McKay received this email from his agent.

Fri 01/12/2017 19:21

“I know you wanted Matt to buy a new flight, but so too, if you wanted him there tomorrow, you could have bought the flight too. Its why I gave you the info I research last night looking for the lowest fares. Matt missed the flight due to traffic circumstances beyond his control, honestly & legally were it judged….It was “an act of God”, like bad weather or mechanical issues on a plane. British Air offer no good option when called which is no surprise, and its flights were over $3000 now, cost prohibitive for Matt or you. Best deal was $1333, a flight that leaves Tampa in 15 minutes.

If you had needed Matt there, you could have gotten him there, and so would not have lost all hotel, nor visa, and you’d already paid the fee. It would have been the smart, reasonable, and best business decision, but you decided not to do that. Which is your right. But to tell fans Matt couldn’t get there for Saturday is not really the truth, as he could have been there. You made a decision to not get him there.

I appreciate that you wanted this to work out better. I did too. I’m out $300. Matt did too, and has said he wants to make good on it. Regardless, I returned $300, and you are welcome.

Thank you

William Behrens”

After taking this issue to the public forum or, there has been an overwhelming support for BCW and Mr McKay from fans of wrestling and wrestler’s themselves. Some of the comments are below:-

 Wrote – “As a promoter, I fully support If you miss your flight, then don’t even attempt to take another one to make the second show, then you owe your deposit back. Simple. Screwing over small time indy promoters is something we should see less of….”

  Wrote – “If you paid a plumber 50% percent up front for a new bathroom and the job wasn’t done, you would want a refund.”

  Wrote –  “Hey fancy returning Deposit after failing to make the event, missing your flight due to “traffic””

As you can well imagine, some of the recent comments about Sydal can be quite colourful and thus have to be seen with your own eyes if you wish. Go to to see for yourself.

It is our understanding that, if a deposit is paid in good faith, you then have a contract with the wrestler. If said contract is not fulfilled because of any one party’s fault, then the liability fall on said party to reimburse for expenses paid by the booker/promoter.

Our personal opinion is quite simply pay the money back to the promoter.  Is it worth holding onto the aforementioned $1200 and the headache that come’s with it?  Other promoters will most probably take note of these antics and will refuse to work with a person such as Sydal.  Most probably for fear of being taken for the same ride Mr McKay has endured in the past few days.

The upshot was.  The show went ahead and everyone who attended and commented on social media outlets, enjoyed themselves just as much if not more in the face of the well known professional wrestler’s absence.


BCW have now resolved the issue with Sydal with the help of IMPACT Wrestling. This is really good news for the local promotion who thanks everyone for their continued support.




Review BCW: Live in Kilmarnock 25 August 2017

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I got to Kilmarnock a little early, just about 5pm to be more accurate. I thought I would give myself a little time to get my barings in Kilmarnock. Turned out there was really no need as the Grand Hall was directly across from the Bus station.

Anyway, I got to the venue and waited in the pishing rain for an hour and half. I did start to think maybe I should have bought a front or second row ticket to get in the venue quicker. Again, I was wrong.

As it was my first time in this venue, and my first BCW (British Championship Wrestling) show, I didn’t really know what to expect. So you start to think of the full lights on kinda thing and some straight wrestling. Boy was I mistaken.

I walking into the hall,  house lights were on, but the level of expectation jumped right up when I seen the stage setup with all the lights, light smoke and runway to the ring. To put this into perspective, as a relatively new fan (that’s right, I called myself a fan) getting back into wrestling. I have been used to going to well lit up shows with wrestlers having it out, showing you everything that’s going on.

I found myself a seat up on the balcony of the hall, and I must say, I think I got one of the best seats in the house. A 45 degree angle to the stage and 45 the other way was the ring. Smack bang in the middle, I could see most of the hall.

Simon Cassidy and Senior referee Thomas Kearins finally came out and introduced the first bout which was ‘The Scottish Savage’ Davey Blaze, and Colt Cabana. The way this was put together was utterly fantastic and I’m already thinking, this is going to be hard to beat. They automatically got the crowd involved with their comedy style of wrestling. As only you would think of Colt Cabana as being. The kids loved it. I’m not going to go into the details of matches as I think you really have to be there to see it. Plus I’ve already told people the results of matches.

The next match was that of Joe Coffey, Sha Sammuels and Doug Williams as a tripple threat match. I’ve seen Joe coffey and Sha Sammuels live one other time, and not seen Doug williams since the british invasion on TNA. Again, the crowd got right on top of it, and the antics between Doug Williams and Shammuels worked really well. I enjoyed the battle to see who would try and pin Joe Coffey.

As I’ve been to the likes of GPWA where I’ve watched BT Gunn many times working with the trainees and have enjoyed what he can do. In this show, it was rather different. He was working with a seasoned professional in Tucker. One of the 16 competitors of the WWE UK Championship. The two seemed to work well together and I put this down to the way the management of the company have planned the shows. They fed off of the atmosphere from the children and most adults and produced yet another fantastic bout.

This next one is one of the highlights of the show. Stevie Xavier With Jody Fleich. Boy, what a match that was. With the high flying abilities of Jody Fleich and the quickness of Stevie Xavier, it was GOLD!. There just really isn’t another way to put it. At one point in this match, Jody Fleich done a sprinboard backflip to floor level and battered his shins off of the guard railing. Somehow, he managed to carry on. These two need to work together more, as what they have produced, was a quick paced acrobatic style of wrestling which is a delight to watch. I truely was in awe.

At half time, people went to get photos with Jack Swagger and to get refreshments and merchendise from their shop. I took advantage to nipping outside for some air. 😉

Now, the tag team tournament between Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith) and Polo Promotions (Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo). I enjoyed watching this match and found that there was a lighter mood to the Polo Promotions than what I’ve seen at the likes of the Garage on the ICW on Demand. This was a joy to watch, and both tag teams showed that they truely belonged in the ring with each other. I met Lewis Girvan outside and said that I needed to see more of him in other promotions. I think he was happy with that.

The main event was that of none other than the Hardcore Icon Jack Jester and former WWE Champion Jack Swagger. This was where I truely seen the power of the production. Psyko Dalek graced the stage to wrap the iconic Theme tune to Jack Jester and ICW ‘Crank’. Jack Swagger came out in a plumage of smoke and his theme tune. There was so much hype before the match had even started.

These two had a superb match and at one point I thought the ring was going to take a tumble when Swagger lunged at the ropes. I especially liked the way that Swagger sought revenge on Jester for annoying a little boy in the front row. A couple of wraps to the noggin from said youngster will sort Jester out for ripping up a swagger sign from the wee boys hands.

The roundup was that the show was a well planned and well executed performance by everyone involved. I sat most of the night with my gob open and forgot to take ma pictures. I really was lost in the action. I hope to see more and more of BCW in the future and would recommend that anyone should buy a ticket. It’s well worth the pennies to get there.

Graham McKay and his team should be very proud of what they have achieved and carry on doing so for the unforseable future.

BCW: Full Results Kilmarnock

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I finally had the pleasure of watching the BCW (British Championship Wrestling) show live from Kilmarnock grand hall.  A great night was had by all, especially the crowd participation from the younger audience.


The Scottish Savage (Davey Blaze)  defeated Colt Cabana by pinfall.

Joe Coffey defeated Sha Samuels and Doug Williams by pinfall .

Heavyweight Champion BT Gunn retains his title against Tucker by pinfall.

Stevie Xavier retains his open weight championship title against Jody Fleich by pinfall.

Polo Promotions (Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo) Defeated Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith) by pinfall.

Former WWE Champion Jack Swagger defeated Jack Jester by submission.  Swagger managed to get Jester into an ankle lock that just proved too much to bare.


Thank you for a great night, and I look forward to attending the East Kilbride show which is now on sale via the official BCW website.

BCW: East Kilrbide
Ballerup Hall,
Andrew Street
East Kilrbide
Price: £12.50
Link: Official BCW Website

Zack Gibson Vs (Homeless) Liam Thomson

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ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) have released another free match prior to their annual event Shugs Hoose Party.  This video sees a Liam Thomson that you probably thought you’d never see.  A beenie hat, 1 boot and a backpack of rubbish.

I will not give away anything to those who have not watched.  But it involves some piss and some really good wrestling.  


Kay Lee Ray #MaeYoungClassic

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It has been announced that both Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven aka Viper have been entered into the Mae Young Classic for WWE.

One tweet from Jude Kligour on twitter read:


Wrestling Spy wishes the two Scottish wrestlers all the best in their upcoming competition.

PCW Training Academy

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PCW Training academy has 10 places remaining for their upcoming intake of students.


September 817th THE PCW ACADEMY take on new students. ONLY 10 PLACES AVAILABLE! Learn to wrestle CLICK ON –


If you’re interested and are in the area.  You need to get in contact with them ASAP!

PWE on Alberto El Patron

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Pro wrestling Elite has released a statement regarding the Alberto El Patron booking for their 6th Aniversary Show in Ayr.


OSWtv – Final Four: Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship Tournament

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On September 16th at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh Discovery Wrestling will hold one of their staples, the Elimination Four-Way, the competitors? Four women who have battled there way through a qualifier to advance to this match.

Read the whole article over at OSWtv

GPWA – Night at The Asylum 10th Edition

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It’s the Friday night before SHP 4. The superstars of tomorrow are turning out for your enjoyment once again, only this time, the have some ICW names with them in the ring.. With the 10th edition of the GPWA – Night at the Asylum, we are all set to see some fantastic matches that you would normally pay £££ to see.

The first match announced was that between, the WWE UK Star Wolfgang and Arron Echo – It was stated on GPWA’s facebook page that “Wolfgang had turned up after Echo beat The Sam Barbour Experience to express his disappointment in Echo’s road to the final, taking cheap shots and cheating at every turn.” Now there had been a challenge made and the match has been signed for the 10th edition of Night at the Asylum.

The next match announcement is in the form of Stevie James and Krobar (The Purge) against Davey Blaze and Stevie Xavier (The Bucky Boys).  The purge have been doing main events in the GPWA for quite some time now.  Do they have a challenge on their hands when it comes to the Bucky boys? Or will they happily defeat them on the night.  Either way, this is set to be a great match and should/will attract more people than the venue’s capacity.  Also, will that wee man be in attendace? You’ll just have to wait and see.

Bad Boy Liam Thomson is taking on Ravie Davie – the Fresh prince of Drumoyne Square.  After his epic matches against Wolfgang Young in the master crafted Good House Keeping Matches in ICW(Insane Championship Wrestling).  Will Thomson be up and ready for the Fresh Prince?  Ravie Davey is fast becoming known for his high flying flippy shit, and may be able to withstand Thomson. Either way, a match that’s bound to entertain any crowd.

Kreiger is to face Lionheart in the next match up.  The GPWA has invited back Krieger for this special event at the Asylum and have stated on their event page at facebook. “Krieger’s brand of “Scudding Clowns & Making Towns” very quickly became popular with the Asylum fan base at last month’s Asylum Invitational Wrestling Tournament 2017” We’d like to point out that we like Lionheart. He is not a fa**y, he’s just a growler. 

Kez Evans will be in ring with none other than BT Gunn.  The Asylum has stated that this is “another fantastic match-up in what has to be one of the strongest Asylum cards of all time”. Kez is a very strong competitor in the Asylum and is matched in agility and brawn.  But is he a worthy opponent for BT Gunn?.  We’ll see on the night.

There was a special announcement that Rudo Sports & entertainment Brand will be presenting a match featuring the current heavyweight champion for ICW Joe Coffey.  This will definitely be one of those matches that you just cannot miss.  Coffey has been up against the likes of Kurt Angle at the Hydro for Fear & Loathing IX last year, and nailed his performance.  Arguably one of the greats that Scotland has ever produced on the Pro wrestling circuit. I for one, am looking forward to see who he will be facing at the intimate show that’s taking place in the Asylum on the eve of Shugs Hoose Party 4.

Tickets are still available from details below.

Venue: Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
Address: 210 Kennedy Street
Date: 28th July 2017
Time: 18:30 – 22:00
Tickets: £11 Standing
£12 Seated
Where to Buy: